NYC Paying MSNBC’s Relocation Fees? | To Add Citizen Journalism | Brangelina’s Pearl Reopens Wounds | Us Weekly Staffer Leaves Mag For Military


  • Is The City: Paying MSNBC’s relocation fees from Englewood to Rock Center? [Radar]
  • To add “citizen journalism.” [Techworld]
  • Fox News Team: Rough night for. [NYO]
  • Brangelina Film About Daniel Pearl: May reopen old wounds, not heal them. [CSM]
  • Shhh: CourtTV is Murder By The Book with a “whisper” campaign. [NYP]
  • Top Model: Cuts strikers from payroll. [B&C]
  • FCC: Drops indecency case against NYPD Blue. [WSJ]
  • Us Weekly: Research chief leaves mag for military. [Jossip]
  • Video News Release Board: Adds ex-CBS News prez. [B&C]