NYC Media Folks: FREE TRAINING From The Levin Institute

Computer and coffeeAre you a resident of one of the five boroughs? State University of New York’s Levin Institute is now accepting applications for JumpStart New Media, a three-month program that teaches media pros how to rework their skills in the new media environment.

The free program includes one week of “in-class” work (presentations, projects, discussion) and about three months working in a new media firm as an (unpaid) consultant.

The Levin Institute, which is running these programs with the help of the New York City Economic Development Corporation, has run one similar program with laid-off financial pros; after the culmination of that program, about half of the participants landed jobs. Mike DiGiacomo of Levin told us that the networking participants got—both with other participants and with their “host companies”—was a huge benefit to all.

To get one of the 50 or so slots, you’ll need to apply online: you’ll need two references, a resume, and the answers to a couple short essay questions. The program begins Feb. 1, 2010; you can also attend an informational session on Jan. 6, 2010.