NYC Finally Starts Crack Down on Building Failures


As we’ve reported several times over the past couple of months, things haven’t gone so well for New York City lately, after removing Patricia Lancaster from her post as the city’s Building Commissioner. But after two major accidents over the past few weeks, it’s appeared that something has finally gotten the powers that be’s attention and they’re on the move. By way of Archinect, we learned that the city’s top crane inspector, James Delayo, has been arrested for taking bribes and filing false documents. We learned that the city has also seized documents and computers from the owners of the New York Crane and Equipment company, one of those organizations being investigated for the recent flood of mishaps. And to make sure everyone’s paying attention, New York magazine has put together a list of the sixteen people who have died this year in the construction being done in the city. So if there was a lack of pressure before, thinking Lancaster was the problem and now all would be better, reality has finally just started seeping in and the kicks have started to be delivered to the pants.