NY1 Ousts Convicted Anchor Before Sentencing

It’s been three months since NY1 anchor Dominic Carter has been in front of the camera. He was taken off his hosting duties of “Inside City Hall” last October when news surfaced that his wife had filed multiple claims of physical and verbal abuse against the anchor, stemming from an October 2008 incident.

Carter was convicted of attempted assault in November but didn’t officially lose his job until more recently. Yesterday, one day before he was set to be sentenced, the Associated Press reported that Carter was no longer with NY1. A spokesperson for the local news network told The New York Post that Carter’s contract expired while he had been on leave since October, and it has not been renewed. As for today’s sentencing, reports say Carter could face up to three months in jail.

Our question to readers is: did NY1 make the right call in keeping Carter on the pay roll even after a verdict was reached?

NY1 Axes Wife-Beat ReporterNew York Post