NY1, NY Daily News Drop Anthony Weiner

Wily Weiner and his wiener are in trouble again.

Anthony Weiner won’t stop asking women if they want to see his wiener, so NY1 and The New York Daily News have decided to cut him off.

CNNMoney reports that NY1 put Weiner “on indefinite leave from the station” and the Daily News told The Daily Beast the paper “won’t be running his [Weiner’s] columns in the future.” Weiner had appeared regularly on NY1 and penned an opinion column for the Daily News.

Weiner was left limp by NY1 and the Daily News after the New York Post reported that Weiner had (once again) been tempting women with Weiner Jr. via sexts. One of the images Weiner sent was of him laying shirtless on his bed with a focus on his crotch… And his son was sitting next to him. That’s next level weirdness right there.

Once the latest sexting news broke, Weiner’s wife—top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin—announced she was separating from him. Good for her.

As for Weiner, well, someone needs to take his phone away from him. Start there.

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