NY1 Anchor Pat Kiernan Returning to Live! with Kelly

Popular NY1 anchor Pat Kiernan is getting another shot, two shots actually, at co-hosting Live! alongside Kelly Ripa.

In March, Kiernan got one of the co-hosts slots with Ripa. It’s been an open audition to fill the retired Regis Philbin’s seat. Numerous TV hosts, movie stars and comedians have sat next to Ripa.

Kiernan, who told FBNY last month that it was his career dream to get the gig permanently, will make no changes to anchor personality.

“There are so many factors in a decision like this that it’s tough to analyze what they’re looking for. So I’m trying not to analyze,” Kiernan tells FishbowlNY. “As with last time, I’ll bring the slightly cheerier version of my NY1 self and they’ll let me know if it’s the right fit for Kelly.”

Kiernan will appear on Live! April 30 and May 1.

“I’ve got both DVRs at home set for Live! and my kids have been joking that we talk about Kelly like she’s become part of the family,” Kiernan deadpans.