NY Women in Communications Welcomes New President

Left to right: Linda Kaplan Thaler, The NYT's Gail Collins, and Catherine Mathis

New York Women in Communications welcomed its incoming president Catherine Mathis at its annual meeting Tuesday night. Mathis, SVP of marketing and communications at Standard & Poor’s, took the stage to reiterate the dual foci of the organization for the coming months: to continue to provide “education and opportunities” for members to advance their careers and the importance of new media along with all the changes it brings.

Outgoing president Linda Kaplan Thaler, CEO and chief creative officer of The Kaplan Thaler Group, and other officers discussed some of the preliminary numbers from the past year (the organization’s financials have not yet been audited, so the numbers were approximations): $800,000 in revenue from the annual Matrix Awards, $800,000 in operating budget, and 2,011 members to date.

Then special guest speaker, author and New York Timescolumnist Gail Collins, talked about the obstacles that women have overcome during the past 50 years.

Collins filled her time at the mike with distressing but comical stories of the systematic discrimination that women experienced in the not-so-distant past. One of the more interesting (to me in particular since I’m a Barnard grad) was the scandal involving a female student, Linda LeClair, who’d moved in with her boyfriend in 1965, breaking the school’s rule about women living in the dorm. Women had to be back in their dorms by 9 p.m. in the good ol’ days.

After a great deal of drama and protesting, it was decided that Linda would have to move back into the dorm or suffer eternal banishment from the school snack bar.

Nowadays, Collins said the issues we should be fighting for are violence against women, the family-work balance and making companies more sensitive to it, and the struggles of women in other countries who are just getting started on their path to equality.

The next NYWICI event will take place on Tuesday, June 7 with special guest Candace Bushnell, she of Sex and the City fame. Info here.