NY Times Sports Editor Disputes Rift With Nate Silver

The “why did Nate Silver really leave The New York Times” drama continues. The Big Lead did some more digging into the situation, and via interviews with six “people familiar with the sports section” of the paper, suggests that Silver left because he didn’t gel with the Times’ sports staff:

This was the picture that was painted: An interest in alternative sports over mainstream sports such as the NFL, an international sports bent in a quest to be the ‘World’s Sports Section’ (ie, heavy Tour de France, Track & Field, Soccer), and a culture of ‘if-we-didn’t-find-him, we-don’t-want-him.’

However, both Silver and Jason Stallman — the Times’ sports editor — said there were no problems. Silver tweeted “There are some inaccurate reports that I didn’t like the NYT sports desk. Actually, thought those guys were great & easy to work with.” Stallaman, in an email to The Big Lead, also dismissed the rumors:

We were on great terms with him [Silver], and he and his editors knew that we’d gladly publish anything he wanted to do sports-wise. It helped that one of his top assistants sat next to the sports desk, so we had a running conversation with him about stuff that might interest Nate. We’d occasionally throw ideas at Nate, and often ran with them if he had time. And sometimes he’d come to us with gems that we were thrilled to have.

So! Silver had no issues with the sports desk, and the sports desk had no issues with Silver.

But what about the other desks at the Times?????

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