NY Times Nail Salon Story Leads to Policy Changes

Bravo, New York Times. Bravo.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.25.43 AMGovernor Andrew Cuomo has ordered “emergency measures” to protect the city’s nail salon workers mere days after The New York Times published a well-reported story on the industry’s harsh and exploitative working conditions. Behold, the power of newspapers.

Cuomo told the Times that effective immediately, a task force would crack down on nail salons. Any salon that failed to comply to the new rules—manicurists must wear gloves, salons must be bonded, and more—will be shut down.

This is, quite simply, amazing. The Times—and Sarah Maslin Nir, who reported the story—likely saved lives by producing this incredible piece of investigative journalism.

This is why newspapers are important. This is why everyone should be a paying subscriber to the Times.