NY Times Mag Drops Chuck Klosterman

The Ethicist is out, but the column will continue

Starting next Sunday, The New York Times Magazine is getting a massive revamp. While we’re not certain of the cosmetic aspects, editor Jake Silverstein has already started making changes inside, such as dropping the much-maligned One Page Magazine section. In an editor’s note, Silverstein added that Chuck Klosterman, the magazine’s Ethicist for the past few years, will also not be a part of the new Times Mag.

“Each writer who has taken up this page has interpreted it slightly differently,” wrote Silverstein. “In Chuck’s able hands, it was reliably funny, with a deadpan wit animated by genuine compassion. I have no doubt that I will receive a number of complaints about Chuck’s departure, but Klostermaniacs take heart: Chuck will now have time to write more feature stories, essays and novels.”

Silverstein said that the Ethicist column will continue, but in a different format. For what it’s worth, Klosterman tweeted that he believed the new version will be “very compelling.” Here’s Klosterman’s last Ethicist column.

Other features that are gone (or already gone) from the Times Mag: Look, Riff and Who Made That?