NY Times Dedicates $5 Million to Covering Trump

Probably won't be enough.

The New York Times is dedicating $5 million to covering Donald Trump’s administration.

In a memo accompanying the Times’ 2020 Report, Times executive editor Dean Baquet and managing editor Joe Kahn explained the reasoning behind the additional funds.

“This is not just a story of transformed government agencies. It is also about the stability of the global order that has prevailed since World War II and America’s place in that world. It is about what happens when a group of business moguls who built empires bring their free market philosophy to bear on everything from education to healthcare and national defense, and how that philosophical change will affect people’s lives. It is also a story about power in New York, as one of the biggest names in one of our largest industries actually takes over the country, often running it from from a penthouse on a heavily guarded Fifth Avenue.”

As for the massive 2020 Report, which details what the Times must do in the immediate future, it contains a multitude of suggestions. Some that stood out: The Times must become more diverse, more visual and digitally-native.