NY Times Circulation Increases

Digital circulation is up, print circulation is down.

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 10.18.09 AMThe latest AAM report on newspaper circulation shows that The New York Times enjoyed a solid first quarter. The gains were mostly due to an ever-increasing digital audience.

The Times’ total circulation (print and digital) was 2,178,674 for Monday-Friday and 2,624,277 for Sunday. Those numbers represented a seven percent increase for the M-F editions and a three percent jump for the Sunday edition.

As the Times reported in its first quarter earnings report, its digital version is doing quite well. The AAM report supported that. The AAM found that digital circulation for M-F was 1,552,723 and 1,476,385 for Sunday, representing a 14 percent and 10 percent jump, respectively.

The picture for print is (understandably) not as rosy. Circulation was 625,951 for M-F and 1,147,892 for Sunday, representing  declines of six percent five percent, respectively.