NY Time Can’t Get Story Straight– From Tom’s Lawyer

According to Nikki Finke, New York Times readers out here missed a really great quote from Bert Fields, legal counsel to Tom Cruise.

Tom’s co-producer Paula Wagner said there are plans for that $100 million equity financing deal from a pair of hedge funds. In the dead-tree version, Fields said simply that he was unaware of such plans. But after the reporters ( bylined as David M. Halbfinger, Geraldine Fabrikant and Sharon Waxman) protested, Bert’s real response was put back in the on-line story, according to Nikki. She’s right, too. It’s a doozie.

But Mr. Fields said he was unaware of those plans. ‘I don’t think Tom has raised $100 million in a hedge fund,’ he said. ‘And I know nothing about any such thing. I think that’s just talk.’

And as Nikki points out:

Bert is Tom’s lawyer, not Sumner’s. This is exactly why people respect Fields so much — because he knows the truth hurts.

Defamer has a Tom sighting at Yahoo!–no, it’s HBO–no, it’s Yahoo! So maybe Tom’s closing some big deals.

And Sumner’s smiling because Viacom’s stock rose 21 cents, closing at $36.66, yesterday. Coincidence?

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