NY Sun: Cabbies Gained Access To Thousands Of CC #s Via Security Flaw

0204taxi.jpgBuried deep inside today’s edition of the New York Sun is an expose on a Verifone security flaw in the New York City cab system. As a result of the flaw, the credit card numbers of 45% of taxi commuters are accessible to cabbies via the internet:

Drivers equipped with the Verifone technology who own and operate their own cabs have access to an itemized online log of their credit card transactions. Up until recently, those merchants had only to type in a user name and password on Verifone’s Taxitronic Web site and click through a list of truncated credit card numbers to receive the full, unencrypted numbers and expiration dates of customers’ cards.

A good scoop for The Sun… We expect to see this make its way into the Times/Post/News within the week.