NY Post Selects City’s Top Architects, Their Fast-Rising Proteges

The NY Post‘s Page Six Magazine has named New York’s “Hottest Architects.” And while we think FXFowle‘s Bruce Fowle is plenty hot, what with his silver fox beard and his dreamy green ideals (like with what he did in co-designing the new Conde Nast building, among many others), we’re almost positive that this feature is talking about “hot” as in “popular” and not “hot” as in “sexy” (nor “hot” as in “more than warm in temperature”). It’s a short list, to be sure, but it’s interesting because it’s broken down into two categories, mentor and protege, showing the links between currently “hot” established architects and those up-and-coming designers who once worked for them. We also like that they included Jeffrey Beers and Nora Kanter, who have both worked in designing restaurants, a section of the industry that often seems somewhat neglected of praise.