NY Post (Of Course) Attacks Huma Abedin

Sigh. We were waiting for The New York Post to call out Anthony Weiner for repeatedly acting like a complete ass (dick?), but alas, that wait continues. Instead of attacking Weiner — the person who, you know, keeps f*cking up — the Post is taking issue with Huma Abedin because… Well, why not? She is a woman, after all. She can’t be blameless.

The accompanying article does take Weiner to task a little bit, but it saves plenty of venom for Abedin, who — again — isn’t the one who f*cked up. But no matter. The paper is on to her wily ways:

Abedin took the good-wife act one step further at Tuesday’s press conference, admitting her collusion in this new lie: ‘We discussed all of this before Anthony decided to run for mayor,’ she said. So clearly, as Abedin sat for these joint interviews in which Weiner claimed to be a changed man, she knew that wasn’t the truth, and was happy to lie to a public that had been nothing but sympathetic toward poor, brilliant Huma, saddled with such a dud. Perhaps they’re a better match than we knew.

Well, what was she supposed to say, exactly? “Before we begin, I should tell you the story of Carlos Danger. It’s a doozy!”

Weiner is obviously a sex addict, a habitual liar and extremely narcissistic. What does Abedin have to do with any of that? Nothing. But the Post would have you believe she is just as much to blame for this mess as Weiner.

The Post thinks so little of Abedin that they put a giant photo of her on its cover. Imagine if she had actually done something wrong.

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