NY Post Goes Retro in Remembrance of JFK

The New York Post has gone back in time — exactly 50 years ago today — in remembrance of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. The paper also details how it reported the tragic news back then.

The Post was all set to publish that day, when about 15 minutes after the shooting, a press foreman came rushing into the newsroom, asking when the front page would be remade. When asked why, he replied, “Because the president’s been shot.”

The front page ended up being remade, but not without a mistake. It’s a little hard to see here, but you might be able to spot it. See below for the error.

The Post, which published in the afternoon, was the only New York paper to get out two separate extra editions in the 40 minutes between the first bulletin of the shooting and the announcement that the president was dead. But the rushed edition didn’t get everything right. The name of the newly sworn-in president, Lyndon Johnson, was misspelled by a typesetter. The Page 1 caption called him ‘Lydon.’