‘N.Y. Post’ Fires Reporter for Leaking

Editor-in-chief went on a rampage to root out 'Adweek' sources

Readers weren't the only ones hurt by the New York Post’s newsstand price hike this week.

After Adweek broke the news that the tabloid would cost an extra quarter on Monday, editor-in-chief Col Allan went on a rampage to root out our newsroom sources.

One result: Allan fired one of the city’s top police reporters, John Doyle. Doyle declined to comment for this article.

After Adweek broke the story that the paper would increase from 50 cents to 75  cents, editors were commanded to call all of their reporters and find out who leaked the information.

What Allan found particularly irksome, according to sources, was the leaking of the threatening emails that the editors sent to reporters, pressuring them into finding scoops.

The day after the price increase broke, a handful of reporters were brought into the main office and dressed down by editors about talking to journalists outside the paper, which reportedly happens with greater frequency at the Post.

Several months ago, editors believed that there was a reporter who was feeding stories to the rival New York Daily News, according to sources.

Allan reportedly believed that one of his scribes was reading the daily story list and sharing the information with a News reporter.

The editors went so far as to post dummy stories to the list to see if they were mentioned by other reporters, sources said.

The beleaguered tabloid, which has been losing tens of millions of dollars every year since it was bought by Rupert Murdoch, has also been losing readers over the last few years.

Newsstand increases, like the one Monday, usually lead to a further drop in circulation.