N.Y. Media Excited for Primary That Actually Matters

A great time to be alive.

Typically, by the time New Yorkers get to vote in their presidential primary, the race is all but over.

However, thanks to a complete moron on the cusp of winning the Republican nomination and a grumpy uncle clinging to hope on the Democratic side, New Yorkers and New York media finally get to cover an interesting primary.

Jim Rich, editor of the Daily News, told Politico he loved the rowdiness of this campaign season. “It’s truly a New York presidential campaign this year,” he explained. NY1’s Pat Kiernan added that this is the first time since he started anchoring in 1997 that “we [New Yorkers] were anything more than a rubber stamp.”

For more, check out Politico’s great piece on how New York media staffers are feeling in the week before the primary.