NY Daily News To AP: I Know How To Quit You

0205dailynews.jpgThe Daily News is through with wire services. On Monday, the newspaper confirmed that they’re going to drop the AP in 2009. The reason? A dispute over contract term limits. According to DN spokeswoman Jennifer Mauer:

Over a year ago, the Daily News gave notice to the AP that we were terminating our membership when we were unable to reach an agreement on contract term limits. We will continue to explore ways that we can work together, including a recently signed agreement to receive the AP’s Election coverage.

However, the awkward part is that the Daily News and the Associated Press are headquartered in the same building. You know, 450 W 33rd St., aka the media office building that’s an impossible walk from the subway… Home to:

  • The AP
  • The New York Daily News
  • WNET/Channel 13
  • US News & World Report

    Good times.