N.Y. Daily News Releases City Guide App With MyCityWay

Lets users customize stories, listings

Since launching in December 2009, city guide app developer MyCityWay has been providing users with tools to help them navigate their space, from mass transit reports and news to weather and event listings. Originally conceived as a stand-alone app, MyCityWay’s evolved into a platform that has been used by brands like BMW and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. Now, MyCityWay is teaming up with the New York Daily News—its first U.S. publishing partner—on a new app that will integrate the newspaper’s expansive local coverage.

“We’ve been in this hyperlocal domain addressing the daily needs of people for about three years now, and the more we’ve worked with media companies, the more we’ve realized that we want to be focused on becoming an active part of the readers’ daily habits, and that goes beyond typical news,” said MyCityWay CEO Puneet Mehta.

The new Daily News Mobile App does just that by including full MyCityWay functionality, which means that in addition to Daily News stories, users will also be able to find the closest WiFi hotspot, sign up for the most popular local deals, or browse a selection of Instagram photos taken nearby. Customizable homepage icons will link users directly with their preferred tools within the app.

Within the news section, users will have access to all of the Daily News’ breaking stories and other mobile content, which can also be customized to show only specific news verticals. A built-in QR reader will link the app to the print edition of the Daily News, so users can scan codes in the newspaper to view live story coverage or photo galleries, or find out more about an advertiser. (The Daily News has already been successful with its mobile-optimized site, which won an Editor & Publisher award for Best Mobile Website last year.)

“What we’re trying to do is provide popular content in as many forms as possible, and to integrate that with ease and great advertising opportunities,” said Steve Lynas, svp of digital at the Daily News. The Daily News ad sales team plans to handle all mobile advertising, which allow local companies to hone in on customers by placing their ads in relevant categories—for instance, a restaurant would buy ad space within the Dining & Cafés listings, or a nail salon in the Rejuvenate section. “The app lets traditional media properties reclaim local search, and as a result, local advertising,” added Mehta.

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