NW Pub Reports: Larsen Aides Booze it Up at Work

The NW Daily Marker may be located in a peaceful enclave of the Pacific Northwest. But a story published on the political and culture blog today about aides in Rep. Rick Larsen’s (D-Wash.) Washington office is nothing short of classic Washington scandal: Boozing at work. Cussing. Tweeting. Calling their boss a p–y and an idiot on Twitter. This story has it all. And yes, the aides have all been canned.

But when Drudge posted the story earlier today, the Daily Marker‘s site immediately crashed. So we’re piecing it together for you. The link will work … eventually. TWT‘s Inside Politics blog also has a story on the partying aides. Stephen Dinan reports that the office first became aware of what the aides had done at noon today. Read more

Written by Daily Marker “staff”, the story tracked the tweets of what appear to be three aides — two males, one female — over a span of six months. Their Twitter handles are priceless: Seth Burroughs, legislative assistant (@therocketship1); Elizabeth Robbee, legislative assistant (@betsysbites); and Ben Byers, legislative correspondent (@byers_remorse). Those are personalaccounts, but as any aide ought to know, when you do shots at work, tweet about it and call your boss a p—y, you’re only prowling for trouble.

“Though the tweets were made (and are continuing to be made) from personal – not official congressional – accounts, the messages describe on-the-job drinking, frivolous misuse of office time and resources, and contain public insults aimed at the boss himself – Congressman Larsen. If accurate, the tweets – made during and after working hours – raises questions about whether Larsen and his senior staff are paying close enough attention to the workplace behavior of personnel on the public payroll.”

Our favorite part comes toward the bottom of the story when they offer a semi-perilous warning: Note: Some of the messages are not safe for work. Please scroll down only if you are in appropriate setting to view them. See a sampling of tweets above and more after the jump…