On Newsstands This Week: A Ridiculously Cool Architect

To go along with that Miami exhibit, the New York-based "black sheep" covers NUVO.

The promotional copy for NUVO magazine’s latest issue includes the following sentence:

Of his larger-than-life persona, Peter Marino asserts: “I don’t have the inhibition thing.”

He’s not kidding. Here’s New York-based Marino on the cover, teasing with the headline “Designed to Thrill” a story inside by Ian Volner, with more photographs by Peter Ash Lee:

NUVO MAGAZINE LTD. - New York–based architect Peter Marino

We’re not going to give away any more. To learn the foundations of The Marino Method and the reasons why its purveyor enjoyed such a banner year in 2014, click here. NUVO is a Canadian lifestyle magazine, founded in 1998.

P.S. Just in case Marino is in search of an additional nickname, here’s our suggestion, from the media navel-gaze end: “The Shane Smith of architects.”