Nutella? Nougat? What Should Android Name Its Next Treat-Themed Operating System?

Google crowdsources the search for Android N's identity

Android—known for naming each version of its OS after various alphabetically ordered treats like eclair, gingerbread and marshmallow—is ready to launch a new version for the letter "N." And for the first time, the team is asking for help.

The Google-developed platform is letting anyone with a sweet tooth and some branding savvy submit ideas. It even made a microsite devoted to the goal of coming up with delicious title.

The name search, announced during last week's annual Google I/O developer conference, could be a great chance for a creative pro or agency to get in good with one of the tech world's biggest brands.

Apparently Google can index the world's information, develop artificial intelligence and map the globe, but coming up with a food that starts with the letter N is beyond its abilities. At least, that's the point it seems to be making in these satirical videos about why the tech giant isn't hiring a branding consultant: