Twitter Finally Tells Us Exactly How Many Retweets We Got

If you’re a longtime Twitter user, this news will probably make your week: Twitter has ditched the “50+” notification when a tweet reaches more than 50 retweets and is actually showing us the real number of retweets it got. It’s about time!

Previous to this weekend’s update, popular tweets were perpetually stuck at “50+” retweets. Twitter wouldn’t display the actual number, but would instead cap it at 50 (although they obviously had access to the number behind the scenes).

This made it difficult for at-a-glance assessments of how well a tweet performed. Without using third-party analytics software, it was virtually impossible to understand just how amplified a message on Twitter was.

Over the weekend, Twitter silently lifted this 50+ cap.

Now, we can see exactly how many retweets individual tweets have received.

This is great news for some of Twitter’s more popular tweeters, as their perceived influence is now off the charts.

Take Justin Bieber for instance. On Father’s Day, June 17th, he tweeted a three word “happy father’s day” to his dad – and his ravenous fans have already retweeted it over 20,000 times in under 24 hours:

This change not only means that you can get a more accurate at-a-glance snapshot of how well a tweet performed, but it also allows for some pretty interesting competitor analysis. You’ll now be able to see how many retweets and favorites a Promoted Tweet received, for instance – which, while not encompassing every form of engagement like @mentions and clickthroughs, can provide serious insight into what works (and what doesn’t) on Twitter.

Note: Techcrunch reports that there is some discrepancy between the number of favorites now being displayed on and Twitter’s actual API count.

(Counter image via Shutterstock)