Nude Models Begin Strike in Rome


You can keep your writer’s strike because we’re heading to Europe where they know how to hold a real strike, one that gets big ratings when reported on: nude models in Italy are striking for better rates and stronger contracts. Fed up with low pay, long hours, chilly conditions, and, related by extension to those last two, artists who don’t paint or sculpt fast enough. Now they’re saying no more until things improve, starting their first strike yesterday:

Yesterday the models kept their clothes on for a protest at a ceremony inaugurating the academic year at La Sapienza, Rome’s main university. The main speaker at the ceremony was supposed to be the Pope, but the Vatican cancelled his visit because of alarm over student protests against his conservative views on science and ethics. About 30 models posed at the university entrance in imitation of famous art works, including Botticelli’s Venus, Degas’s ballerinas and Rodin’s The Thinker.