Nuance Voice Control Automotive Coming Soon to a Car Near You

YouTube video courtesy of CARandDRIVER

Back in late 2007, Nuance announced…

Nuance Speech Now Available through Ford SYNC in Twelve 2008 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury Models

Ford SYNC is a pretty cool product that lets you control various media aspects of your car (playing audio, GPS navigation, etc). If I were buying a car made by Ford, I’d definitely consider getting Ford SYNC as an option. But, that’s the thing isn’t it? It is not available in cars from other manufacturers. It looks like this will change in the near future based on this Nuance Dragon Mobile blog item…

Power of Dragon is Coming Soon to a Car near You – Announcing Nuance Voice Control Automotive

Here’s some of the features Nuance Voice Control Automotive (which it had a shorter easier to say name) will bring:

– SMS text messaging and email capabilities, allowing drivers to simply speak and send messages while keeping their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road;
– Interaction with social networks such as Twitter and Facebook;
– News, weather and traffic updates and the latest sports scores and stock prices;
– Movie theatre locations, film listings and times;
– Dining options in current area or point of destination; and,
– Price comparisons for hotels, fuel, etc.

You can watch Car & Driver magazine’s video demo test of Ford SYNC from 2008 embedded above.