NPR’s Seabrook Needs ‘Thought Editor’

aseabrook.jpgOn NPR’s chatty and engaging new blog, Mixed Signals, Andrea Seabrook writes this morning about the John Green controversy.

“Every time I think about this story, I get a deep pit of anxiety in my stomach. Not that I author ranting e-mails about politicians; I don’t tend to discuss politics outside the office very often. (I prefer to talk with my friends about more riveting topics, like new, fun month themes: ‘Mock-tober,’ ‘Fib-uary’). Also, I understand that if I’m typing e-mails on a work-issued computer from a work-issued e-mail account during a work day, I’m responsible for their content.”

“I’m still pretty uncomfortable with the amount of self-editing that appears to be expected of me as a modern journalist. I mean, couldn’t I theoretically be both snarky about a politician and fair to them in my coverage? Why isn’t that okay with you, America?” Seabrook writes. “Perhaps the answer for me is to be an equal-opportunity snarker: disparage both Nancy Pelosi and Dennis Hastert in the same e-mail.”

As long as it only happens during the month of “Ju-lie,” it’s sounds like it’s probably fine. On the other hand, if anyone has work emails from Seabrook mocking Hastert and Pelosi right now, we’ll give you a limited edition Fishbowl DC t-shirt.