NPR’s Schiller to Speak at National Press Club Today

NPR’s President & CEO Vivian Schiller is speaking at the National Press Club today betwen 12:30 p.m. and 2 p.m. The event honors the 40th anniversary of NPR.

What Schiller will discuss: “NPR’s vision for the future of public radio, the importance of independent and fact-based journalism at the local and national levels, and the funding challenge.” More specifics from NPR’s PR department: “Vivian plans to address the powerful journalism at the root of NPR’s mission – evident no more so during these recent weeks of non-stop coverage from the Middle East. She’ll discuss how NPR and its member stations are meeting the dire need to provide all Americans with broad, free access to news (international, national, local) and cultural programming, when most others are cutting back.” She believes that “aggressively expanding reporting and launching new radio and digital initiatives” will create a growing audience.

The event will be carried on C-SPAN and via live streaming.