NPR’s Ford Coverage

From NPR:

    NPR News will offer a live broadcast and online special covering the funeral of President Gerald Ford from Washington’s National Cathedral on Tuesday January 2, 10AM-12N (ET). Scott Simon will host, with NPR News Washington Editor Ron Elving and National Political Correspondent Mara Liasson. Reports from inside and outside the Cathedral and along the funeral procession route will be provided by Pam Fessler, Jennifer Ludden, Ari Shapiro and Guy Raz. The coverage will air on many NPR Member stations and be available for free audio streaming at

    Leading up to Tuesday’s funeral, NPR News will also provide ongoing coverage of the ceremonies planned for the State Funeral. Beginning Saturday, December 30 and throughout the holiday weekend, NPR’s newsmagazines — Weekend Edition Saturday and Sunday, All Things Considered and Morning Edition — will report on the events including the arrival at Andrews Air Force Base and the procession to the Rotunda. NPR will also offer a live feed of the State Funeral on Saturday at 7:00PM (ET). Ina Jaffe will report from Palm Springs, with Fessler and Shapiro at the Rotunda and Nancy Marshall Genzler at the World War II Memorial.