NPR’s Code Switch Podcast Is Debuting at the End of the Month

It arrives May 31.

Photo credit: Matt Roth for NPR
Photo credit: Matt Roth for NPR
Photo credit: Matt Roth for NPR

Code Switch began its NPR life in digital written word (along with audio spots on other NPR programs) back in 2013, but it’s getting its own podcast beginning May 31.

The podcast is an addition and not a replacement for the blog, and one that makes a lot of sense considering the race and culture-focused stories covered by the Code Switch team are the kind that encourage conversation and further exploration—perfect podcast territory.

Here is the Code Switch team’s own description of the venture:

So, what’s this podcast all about? Everything you come to Code Switch for: deeply reported, urgent, hard-to-pin-down stories about race and culture. Conversations about the messy ways our identities crash into everything else in our lives, whether we realize it or not.

It will be helmed by Gene Demby and Shereen Marisol Meraji, with the other members of the team contributing, as well as guests from within and outside the NPR ecosystem.

For a peek into how the podcast will sound, you can check out a preview here. And the sound of the podcast is an important factor, considering Demby once hosted a Twitter conversation about the public radio voice and the expectations that surround it.