NPR Wants to Work With Local Non-Profit Media Start-ups

This is cool. The National Public Radio (NPR) wants to work with the new non-profit start-ups across the country.

In a video interview with the, she explains that working with the new non-profits on the block, like the Texas Tribune in Austin, TX or the St. Louis Beacon, will give NPR fantastic content while providing a large platform for these young news organizations.
“We feel a responsibility to embrace other non-profit news organizations that are doing quality journalism,” said NPR CEO Vivian Schiller. “Since our mission is about informing American listeners, readers, users on whatever platform, it only stands to reason that we would want to work with other partners that can enhance the experience of the content that we are providing to our very sizable audience.”
It seems that local NPR stations will work with the local non-profits, and it sounds like a great way for these non-profits to grow.
Video after the jump.