NPR Surveys Its Twitter Followers

NPR conducted a survey of followers of its Twitter accounts that was completed by 10,244 respondents from Aug. 25-Sept. 9, with women making up 54 percent of participants and the median age coming in at 35. Among the findings:

• 75 percent of respondents said they use Twitter more than once per day, while 13 percent said about once per day, and 8 percent replied once per week or less.

• 77 percent said they get most or all of their news online.

• Hard news/breaking news was the category most Twitter users wanted to see in Tweets from NPR, followed by events that are in progress, and offbeat stories.

• 55 percent of respondents said they follow 2-5 NPR accounts, including individual shows, blogs, NPR staff, and news topics, while 31 percent said they follow only one NPR Twitter account, 7 percent follow 6-10, and 6 percent follow 10 or more NPR accounts. 92 percent said they followed general or topical NPR Twitter accounts, while 36 percent said they followed show accounts, and 26 percent said they followed staff accounts.

• 65 percent said NPR sends out “just the right amount” of Tweets, percent felt that NPR Tweets too much, and 14 percent said it Tweets too little.