NPR Reporter Becomes Own Peg

Ketzel Levine has been with NPR since the Carter Administration. Serious. She, according to the NYT, has been working at NPR since 1977.

So she was doing a series of stories about people getting laid off – what they do after that – the courage it takes and such.

Then, you’ve already guessed it – she gets laid off.

Yep. Almost funny. Kind of brutal.

From NYT:

Ms. Levine, who lives in Portland, Ore., said she had no idea what she would do next. “Every story that we all do, we’re always looking for the perfect ending,” she said. “And suddenly it was handed to me. It was not one of my choosing, but as a storyteller, what could make a better story?”

She should write a book about people winning the lottery and moving to St. Barts.

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