NPR Ombudsman’s Post About the End of NPR’s Comments Section Got 3,400 Comments

And that's not counting email and social media comments.

When we first wrote on Aug. 17 about NPR’s decision to do away with its comments section, the comment count on NPR ombudsman/public editor Elizabeth Jensen‘s post about the decision was at 162.

If you look at that post now, it’s at none, because as of yesterday, Disqus, the platform that housed the comments, was removed, and all the comments went with it.

In between those two points in time, Jensen’s post amassed 3,400 comments opining on the end of opining within NPR posts. But while they can no longer be seen on NPR, they haven’t disappeared completely, and we don’t mean in the nothing-ever-disappears-from-the-internet sense. They’ve all been preserved here, if you feel like jumping into that rabbit hole.

Alternatively, you can read through the assortment Jensen published in this post.

And if you’d like to check out any other comment from any other section, they’ve all been archived and sorted here; have fun with that.

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