NPR Offers Reporters Training to Deal With the Hazards of a Trump Rally

Politics in the USA.

Conflict training is a crucial part of prep for any journalist planning to head into high-conflict situations, like war zones, natural disasters, or you know, Donald Trump rallies. At least that’s how NPR is treating the frequently violence tinged spectacles for reporters whose job it is to cover the chaos.

The Washington Post’s Paul Farhi reports that NPR is now offering one and a half hour training sessions for its political reporters geared toward helping those covering Trump rallies make it through unscathed.

“NPR wouldn’t discuss its training in detail, but Michael Oreskes, senior vice president of news, confirmed that the radio and digital news organization has made it available to its reporters. He described it as training for ‘dangerous or possibly hostile environments,'” writes Farhi.

Sounds like a necessary investment, considering the context: attendees spurred on to convert their anger into physical displays, goaded by a candidate just skirting the incitement to violence line.