NPR News for Android 2.0 Update: New Interface

The NPR News for Android app was recently upgraded to version 2.0. The upgrade is the result of what NPR says is a major redesign that adds favorite stations settings, more programs, live streams and new graphics.

One interesting feature is the ability to “pull up” the audio player interface and playlist by dragging the playbar from the bottom of the display up. It reveals a back/forward and 30 second rewind button in addition to the play button.

Press the Android settings soft button reveals a content list from which you can drill down to select reading or listening material. Not all news items have an associated audio segment.

It takes more than a few seconds for audio segments to begin playing. So, you need to be patient. It does not seem to do whatever pre-fetch or buffering that NPR app for the iPad does.

The app is a free one available from Google’s Android Market.

NPR News (Android Market)