NPR Launches Facebook App

NPR PodcastsThere was a ton of buzz surrounding the new NPR Podcast application that was launched with Splashcast yesterday. I think much of that buzz was attributed to Marshall Kirkpatrick’s reach in the tech blogosphere. The thing that I find funny is what creates buzz in the blogosphere is not what creates a hit on Facebook. I am willing to bet that this NPR application doesn’t reach more than a few thousand people when it hits its peak. It is simply a buzz worthy story for an application that will be just that: buzz worthy. I think many of us that are covering the applications have realized what really makes a viral application on Facebook. Unfortunately, the applications that will get the largest market share will not have the most feature sets. As I already mentioned, the applications simply play on human desires. The NPR application does not cater to that and as a result will not have widespread adoption. It did however generate a fair amount of buzz so maybe that’s the value. I personally found the application to be great in that I was able to listed to a lot of excellent NPR shows directly on my profile. The splashcast player has always been user friendly and I actually spent a fair amount of time having “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me!” playing in the background. If you are also an NPR fan then go grab the NPR application and show your support.