NPR Is Closing Its Comments Section


The editors at NPR have come to a realization: Comments are worthless at best, harmful and hateful at worst. Therefore, starting Aug. 23, is closing its comments section for good.

“NPR introduced public comments to its website eight years ago, when many of today’s most popular venues for digital interaction didn’t yet exist or were in their infancy,” explained NPR’s managing editor for digital news Scott Montgomery. “Since then, we’ve explored and developed many options for strengthening those connections. Some of these methods have proven invaluable. Others less so. After much experimentation and discussion, we’ve concluded that the comment sections on stories are not providing a useful experience for the vast majority of our users.”

Montgomery added that social media provides a much better platform for discussing NPR stories than the site’s comments section. He’s right, of course. While people can still be morons on social media (it’s true!), at least they’re doing it on their own account and not polluting NPR with their thoughts.