NPR Hires Sleater-Kinney Guitarist


NPR has announced that former Sleater-Kinney guitarist Carrie Brownstein has been brought on board to write original content for the network’s new NPR Music site.

Brownstein will write a daily blog called Monitormix for NPR. Though it’s nominally about music, we’re damn near swooning over her media commentary even after only a day on the job:

Now that I am part of the extended NPR family (in the same way that my aunt’s second cousin’s mailman is part of mine), I went ahead and explored Since you are reading this blog, I suppose some of you have already checked out the myriad of features on NPR’s website. But here is a warning if you haven’t: PROCEED WITH CAUTION. After clicking on “people at NPR”, I found myself unable to turn away from the pictures of the on air personalities. I started with Ira Flatow, host of “Talk of Nation’s Science Friday”. I wanted him to look like Harold Ramis and, frankly, he doesn’t. And that was only the beginning. Ira Flatow became my gateway to further disillusionment. If you are like me and you want to preserve your mental image of NPR hosts as bodiless, omnipotent beings with stentorian voices who keep their sibilance in check and whom you send money to once a year, or who are a centimeter tall and live inside of your stereo/computer/iPod/car, then I suggest that you use self-restraint when searching the site.

Unsuprisingly, she’s a much better blogger than Courtney Love.