NPR Calls Social Media a ‘Great Equalizer’ Regarding Recruiting

If you ever wondered if some companies use Twitter to recruit, if this post is any indication, National Public Radio has found tremendous success with social media.

According to a piece published by The Washington Post, NPR decided to mention a new job posting on Twitter and Twitter alone.  Although the deadline to receive applications was merely one week away, the tweet resulted in 132 re-tweets and 140 applications. As a result, NPR hired 15 interns.

In fact, Lars Schmidt, the senior director of talent acquisition and innovation indicated social media is “a great equalizer” when companies compete for talent.
Keeping in mind NPR is a nonprofit, it’s competing with other media power houses with big hiring budgets; social media tends to level the playing field.
Leveraging their Twitter handle, @nprjobs, they manage to list job openings and show an insider’s point of view of the company. Encouraging its own employees to use Twitter and Instagram, they share photos and anecdotes of things going on in the office.

They’re leveraging hashtags, too. Aside from #nprlife providing an insider’s view, they started another one, #pubjobs. The goal? To garner a recruiting effort across all public media organizations to help each other share information about job opportunities.