NPR Android App Developed by a Google Engineer and Will Be Open Sourced

NPR, which already has a good app for the iPhone, announced a free Android app yesterday…

The NPR Android App: A Bazaar Beginning

I found it interesting that NPR’s Android app was actually developed by a developer at Google as a 20% project and that the code will be available as an Open Source project. This means that other Android developers (or those interested in learning from fully functional code developed by an experienced developer) can learn from how the NPR app was built and even reuse the code (assuming they follow the requirements of whichever Open Source license is used for the code).

As for the app itself, I’m debating whether or not to download since: (1) I already have mobile NPR access through the iPhone app and (2) Android memory limits on the number of apps I can install on my Droid isn’t clear to me yet. The iPhone has a 180 app number limit. But, Android app limit is more of a moving target and harder to see as you approach it.

Via Mashable: NPR News App Comes to Android