NPC Remembers Brazaitis

U.S. News’s Washington Whispers column reports on the National Press Club memorial service for Eleanor Clift’s husband, Tom Brazaitis of the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

It’s not often that retired 83-year-old Sen. John Glenn sings, or Bushie Adam Levine holds hands with Clintonista Ann Lewis to sing Auld Lang Syne, or that you get Joe Wilson and Bob Novak in the same room. But it happened this month at a National Press Club memorial service for Tom Brazaitis , longtime Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter and husband of Newsweek ‘s Eleanor Clift . A Gridiron Club big shot, Brazaitis had connections, and many of his sources showed up, making for a politically interesting crowd. Just consider: He and Clift are famous liberals, but that didn’t stop Pat Buchanan or Cal Thomas from attending. Then there was Wilson, husband of the spy Novak outed. Our tipster heard Wilson say, “I need a drink. I just saw Bob Novak.” Clift told us her hubby would have loved the spectacle. “Tom was quite a bit of a ham himself.”

Via Olsson’s Books and Music, Clift will be speaking tomorrow night at 6:30 at the Boeing Conference Center in Rosslyn (1200 Wilson Blvd.) about “Madam President,” with she co-authored with her husband, as well as her new work “Founding Sisters and the Nineteenth Amendment.”