Now You Can SMS Your Tweets – In the Kingdom of Bahrain

Texting to your Twitter account might be nothing new for you, but for the citizens of the Kingdom of Bahrain it’s an exciting novelty. Just announced today, the telecom operator VIVA will be allowing its customers access to their Twitter accounts through their cell phones, a move that might signal an influx of more non-English participants into the Twitter-verse.

According to a press release earlier today, VIVA has signed a deal with Twitter allowing the telecom’s customers to post Tweets to their Twitter account through SMS. Both pre- and post-paid customers will have access to this new feature.

VIVA’s Chief Commercial Officer, Andrew Hanna, has this to say about the new deal:

“VIVA Bahrain thinks of the customer first before entering into partnerships. Our deal with Twitter is just another example of providing simple solutions to ease the customer’s life. The Twitter community in Bahrain is growing tremendously. The online world has become the “new” way to communicate and we would like to create value for our customers.”

While this services will only be available in English to begin with, VIVA is confident that Twitter will add Arabic support before long.

This is a great boon for the citizens of Bahrain, but it also signals the growing internationalism that Twitter is experiencing. As countries whose native language is not English begin to adopt Twitter, translation services will become increasingly sought after.

We can expect to see an expansion of Twitter as more non-English-speaking countries embrace its micro-blogging power, and as customers ask for advanced features like SMS-to-Tweets and the ability to post in their native tongue.