Now You Can Shout at Your Phone Productively…Android Adds Voice Check-In For Foursquare

android-logo-whiteEver have the urge to shout at your phone? Want to grab that coveted “mayor” badge in Foursquare? Now you can do both at the same time if you have an Android 2.0 or higher, thanks to the new collaboration that lets you use update your Foursquare account by voice. The technology already existed for Facebook and Twitter, and so it was just a matter of time before location king Foursquare could get in on the action.

Android users can thank Vlingo for this capability; you can download the app for free at their Website. In addition to checking in via voice, you can use the app to locate your friends. That is, you can be strolling through a neighborhood by yourself and ask “Who’s nearby?” to see who you can connect with. You can also ask where your friends are in general, and then haul yourself to those locations. After the application gives you a list of where your friends are, you can seamlessly press their names and shoot them a text or call to set something up.

You can tell from the way the app works that it is designed not just for your convenience, but to promote social media updates. When you speak to your Android to tell the Vlingo app where you are, it then prompts you to choose which platforms you want to update — whether you want your Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare followers to know, or just one or a combination….it’s up to you to decide. And inevitably, the app also provides a “Share Vlingo” button to tell your friends about it.

Although for now the Android is the only device that you can update in this way, Vlingo promises to expand to other mobile types in the future. It seems like the Vlingo app might be more fancy and fascinating than actually useful — speaking doesn’t actually take that much longer than typing. Would you want to check in via voice?