Now Working in the Real World, Former College Journalists Want Work Scrubbed

The Chronicle of Higher Education reveals former college journalists are going back to the alma maters to try and rewrite history. Including Nickie Dobo who wrote a column for her college newspaper – The Daily Collegian at Penn State – decrying the “hook-up culture.” That was in 2003. She’s now working for the York Daily Record.

Disturbed that an article she wrote as a college student could be turned against her in moments with a Google search on her name, Ms. Dobo contacted The Daily Collegian and asked if it would essentially “hide” the article on the paper’s Web site so it would be less prominent in any search results.

“I’m an education reporter, so I do a lot with schools and kids,” Ms. Dobo said. “It just didn’t make me look like a professional.” But the editor declined to make the change.

Other college newspapers report former students have returned making similar requests since more papers are digitizing their content making it easily searched. In some cases, the journalists’ college articles have a higher Google rank than some of their more recent work.

(via Techdirt)

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