Now this is what we call counterprogramming the Super Bowl

In the face of total ratings anihilation that Super Bowl Sunday always rains down, it’s always amusing to note what other channels elect to go with on the day of unending testosterone and buffalo wings. 2006-01-22-seahawks-celebra.jpgcast.jpeg

Viz, the Hallmark Channel, which is programming a marathon of “Little House on the Prairie,” from noon Sunday through 3 a.m. Monday.

If you really want to terrify your co-workers come Monday, respond to any question of whether you caught Superbowl XL with an almost incredulous, “Hell no! Watched thirteen hours of ‘Little House,’ baby!” Then pause to choke up a bit and stammer, “I watched that beautiful little Half Pint grow into a woman right before my eyes!”, and begin sobbing uncontrollably.

You’ll be enjoying cushy, paid sick leave faster than you can say “Highway to Heaven.”