Now That Imus Is Back…

…which of you Washington pundits will go back on the show?

(We say: All of you will)

And where will he appear? DCRTV ponders

    Well, WABC is owned by Citadel and so is WMAL. But, we’ve heard that talker WMAL (630 AM) is very satified with the ratings of its Grandy and Andy morning show. WMAL could tape delay Imus and air him at 10 AM, but his politically incorrect show needs to air live. Could Citadel play a “wild card” and put him on its smooth jazz WJZW (105.9 FM) or hot adult contemporary WRQX (107.3 FM)? Probably not – not without a major format change. So, what about Bonneville’s new talker 3WT (1500 AM and 107.7 FM)? That was a likely possibility until the news this week that Washington Post superstar Tony Kornheiser will be returning to the 8 AM slot in January. The most-likely Imus station appears to be Clear Channel talker WTNT (570 AM),