Now It’s A Trend: Third Staffer Ankles The Daily

Yesterday, Adweek reported on a second defection from The Daily, Rupert Murdoch’s tablet newspaper. Well, three makes a trend, and that’s at least how many staffers The Daily has lost since it launched last month.
Heather Havrilesky, a former TV critic for, was a staff critic for The Daily working under Sasha Frere-Jones. On Twitter earlier this week, she responded to a follower’s question about her status with The Daily by writing, “I quit! Had been making progress w/ my novel and some new essays and didn’t want to jeopardize those things.”
News of her exit follows word just this week of two other departures, features reporter Lauren Bans and political reporter Jon Ward. Ward took pains to say his short tenure shouldn’t reflect poorly on The Daily, saying, “I do want to say that I think The Daily is run by some awesome people, is a great product, and is going to do incredibly well. My departure should not be seen as any kind of negative reflection on them. I simply was presented—out of the blue—with a difficult choice between two really great options.”
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