Now Facebook Page Owners Can Target News Feed Stories By Location and Language

Facebook Page owners have been able to target “Updates” – Facebook’s term for message blasts that Page owners can send to fans that show up in a secondary tab in the Inbox – by age, sex, and location for a long time. Now, Facebook has added a new way for Page owners to target news feed stories to fans by location and language as well.

Here’s how it works. First, Page owners will notice a new targeting button to the left of the Share button on their Page. Clicking the targeting button gives Page owners two options: “Everyone” or “Customize.”

When “Customize” is chosen, Page owners can then specify language and/or city, state, or country targeting parameters for the News Feed story:

Overall, it’s a nice new way for Facebook to let Page administrators share the most relevant content into the stream. The new features will be especially useful for Pages with geographically diverse fan bases, like major celebrities and global brands, as well as local businesses. Now, Barack Obama can publish updates to fans around the world in their native language, Coca-Cola can target messages to users only in the appropriate regions, and chain stores can let fans in one particular city know about upcoming events or promotions.